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emdha Remote Sign Service

emdha Remote Sign Service is designed with a mission of delivering superior digital signing experience by establishing legally valid trust relation between people, businesses and government organizations in the Kingdom to align with Kingdom’s futuristic digital vision 2030.

Why emdha Remote Sign?

  • Presence-less & paperless Remote Signing, enabling trusted, secured and legally valid digital signatures
  • Complies with WebTrust, NCDC and legally binding to Saudi Electronic Transaction Law
  • Quick and seamless user experience
  • Confidentiality and privacy of document/data to be signed is ensured. Remote Sign Solution does not receive or store the document/data
  • Compatible with any electronic data and document signing including PDF, XML, TEXT, etc.
  • Significantly cost-effective remote Signing Solution when compared with traditional signing practices
  • Avoids complexity of conventional token/smart card or any other hardware crypto tokens
  • Cloud based electronic signatures with multi-factor authentication
  • Easy and quick integration with all types of business applications
  • Supports multiple programming languages through RESTful APIs